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Into the wild I go:
losing my way, finding my soul


There's no time to be bored in a
world as beautiful as this.


Destination and Local Wedding, Elopement and Engagement Photography.

Travel fuels my soul and in travel photography is where I discovered my deep passion for the photography industry. As I learned more, grew and continued to hone in my craft, I found myself falling deeply in love with photographing couples. Being able to listen to each of their unique stories and then be a part of telling those stories is such an adventure and a privilege.

Beginner to advanced Hairstyling, business and social media workshops & Hairstyling services for all occasions.

With a passion for the beauty industry and a constant hunger for learning, being an educator is so important to me. You never truly stop learning, and the best education is found in workshops that answer all of your questions and allow you to grow and master your craft.



Hi, I'm Gina

A little bit about me... I am a popcorn and coffee enthusiast that loves to create and learn. I am a giant goofball and probably the clumsiest person you will ever meet. 75% of my conversations are about food. The rest are about Netflix... My favorite place that I have traveled to so far is Iceland. Hands down. I am super organized and a huge planner but I have no problem throwing the plan in the air and winging it when the situation calls for it.  Seize the day and all of that, right??? I have a million plants and they all have names. 

My photography style is natural, laid back and adventurous. I want to capture the true you and not some posed image that doesn’t feel right. I want you to be able to look back on these photos years from now and get the same butterflies in your belly that you got the day we took them. I want to know your story and become your friend. I don't just want to be another wedding task on your list. I want to make this an experience you look forward to and have fun with. If this sounds like what you are looking for, let's get to know each other!